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For six weeks running from December 18th through January 30th, Chabad holds a daily minyan, Friday night meals, Kosher meals to go with our take-out, kosher BBQ nights and of course our annual gala Jewish Caribbean Festival - an even that is not to be missed! Please click here for more info,


There is a local supermarket, Le Grand Marche, that carries a variety of Kosher products including OU bread & milk and many of the basic OU products that you would find in the states. There is a store located in Cole Bay as well as Phillipsburg.

You now have the option to order Kosher meats and wine through Chabad's Kosher co-op - please email for more information or to place an order.  

You are able to bring all types of meats & fish with you through customs - as there are no restrictions coming into St. Maarten.  

Click here to be directed to Le Grand Marche's website. All contact information & locations are listed on the site.


Join us as we experience Shabbat: "An Island in time on an Island in Paradise" complete with our traditional Shabbat menu flavored with the Caribbean tropical twist, spirited song and great company. Dine and relax in a peaceful setting, and enjoy a variety of Kosher wines and of course a Leachim or two.

Don't miss out on this memorable experience! RSVP today by calling 721.520.1717 or 202.810.4770

Our home is open to all, and we we encourage you to join us for Shabbat meals during your visit to S. Maarten. Your generous support will enable us to keep our home open and assist many more visitors in the future.  

Chabad of S. Maarten is not funded by Chabad headquarters in New York. We, as every Chabad center, are responsible for all funds of our operating budget. We are supported exclusively by the generous contributions of individuals and foundations that care about our community. All funds raised by Chabad of S. Maarten remain in S. Maarten and go directly into programs and services for the S. Maarten Jewish community and our many visitors.


We hold regular Shabbat Morning services - please contact us before Shabbat for our schedule.

Daily Minyanim - For the 6 weeks starting Deceber 18 through January 30 we will hold daily minyanin, please let us know if you will be attending.


Chabad is located in the Simpson Bay area. The hotels nearby are the Atrium, Simpson Bay Resort, Royal Palm Beach and the Flamingo Beach Resort which are all within a 20 minute walk to the Chabad Jewish Center.

 If you are looking for a villa option please email