A Warm Welcome to Chabad of S. Maarten!

 Kosher Options |

"Kosher Meals To Go" and "Kosher Catering" are now available through Chabad!
For kosher meals please see our Kosher Meals To-Go order form.
Click here for more details.

Freshly catered meals can be delivered right to your location! For details concerning catering or for more information,
please email us at: [email protected]. 

  • Ordering Kosher Meats and Wines
    You also have the option to order kosher meats and wine prior to your arrival through Chabad's Kosher Co-op - please email: [email protected]. (Please note: Orders must be placed in advance to ensure availability.)
  • Local Supermarket 
    There is a local supermarket, Carrefour, that carries a variety of kosher products including OU bread and milk, as well as many of the basic OU products that one would find in the states (mayonnaise, tuna, etc). There is a store located in Porto Cupecoy, as well as Jordon Village. 

 Note: One is able to bring all types of meats & fish with you through customs - as there are no restrictions coming into St. Maarten.


Shabbat in SXM |

Join us as we experience Shabbat: "An Island in time on an Island in Paradise".
Dine and relax in a peaceful setting, enjoy a variety of kosher wines, and of course a le'chaim or two! Traditional Shabbat menu flavored with the Caribbean tropical twist, spirited song, and great company. Don't miss out on this memorable experience! 



Services  |

We hold regular Shabbat Morning services!
Please contact us before Shabbat for our schedule. 
[email protected] 

Would You Like to Sponsor a Kiddush?
To sponsor a Kiddush in honor of a special family occasion or in memory of a loved one please CLICK HERE


Recommended Resorts & Accommodations |

The Chabad Center is located in the Simpson Bay area and has special rates with the Simpson Bay Resort.
As an added benefit, it is quite nearby. Please email:
 [email protected].

Other hotels within the area are the Atrium Resort, Royal Palm Beach, and the Flamingo Beach Resort. All of which are within

a twenty minute walk to the Chabad Center.
If you are looking for a villa option, please email: 
[email protected] .


Attractions  |

Below you will find a couple popular websites with a listing of the different activities and things to do on the Island!