NEW SEASON STARTING Sunday, April 12 2015!

Dear Friend, 

Chabad is proud to present our Torah Studies catalog of classes for Season Three of this year.

At Chabad, we value a deep, rich learning experience and we aim to provide this in an unequivocal way. This is why we have brought you a Torah Studies program of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The program brings you a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a weekly basis. Our lessons will engage you in a multidimensional way by challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

I invite you to browse through the topics in this catalog and to join us for some weekly inspirational study. These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be, and I encourage you to bring your friends along.

Rabbi Moishe Chanowitz

Class 1 Sunday, April 12 2015
Always Consider the Source
We are taught not to shoot the messenger, but can we at least question his motives? Plenty of people seem to be wise and knowledgeable. Who can we trust? The rules of kosher fish tell us how to sort out the scholars from the swindlers.
Class 2 Sunday, April 19 2015
The Benefits of Owning Lots of Stuff
Minimalism? Bah! Live frugally? Not for me! Hold on to your possessions, because after this class, you’ll want to keep them even longer. A fresh perspective on ownership enables us to look at our iPads in a new light.
Class 3 Sunday, April 26 2015
How Limits Help Us Go Further in Life
Judaism would be a lot more popular if it didn’t have so many don’ts. Life itself is the same: Don’t eat so much; don’t drive so fast; don’t ignore bills. But hidden in the ability to say “no” to some things is the privilege to say “yes” to others.
Class 4 Sunday, May 3 2015
Sefirah’s Seven-Week Plan for Personal Reform
Move over, Myers-Briggs. There’s another detailed system for categorizing our personalities and perceptions. The sefirah method has been in use for millennia. Learn how to discover your sefirah type, how it affects you, and the best way to take advantage of it.
Class 5 Sunday, May 10 2015
Lessons from Contract Law
When is a sale irrevocable? When the buyer makes payment or when the goods are delivered? This engaging and lucid digest of Jewish sale-of-goods laws looks at everyday scenarios from a legal perspective—and, finally, from an unexpected spiritual perspective.
Class 6 Sunday, May 17 2015
Why Judaism Has 613 Commandments
613 is a very specific number. It is also the number of commandments that govern a Jew’s life. Our quest to understand the secret behind “613” takes us on a journey into the human body, the solar calendar, and the purpose of Jewish living.
Class 7 Sunday, May 24 2015
A Discussion on Music
Go back in time to the great Levite choir and their enormous orchestra. Trace the development of Jewish music and its special place in history. Learn about music’s tremendous power, and how we can make the most of its magic.
Class 8 Sunday, May 31 2015
Why Orthodoxy Is Not Complacency
The allegation that Judaism demands unthinking, unquestioning obedience is false. Throughout history, we discover iconoclast Jews who challenged the religious status quo. Their spirit of Jewish creativity and initiative continues to this day.
Class 9 Sunday, June 7 2015
Never Doubt Yourself
Do you ever worry about what people think about you? Congratulations: You’re human. But we’ll see that low self-esteem has unforeseen consequences. It’s time to break old habits and begin to worry about what truly matters in life.
Class 10 Sunday, June 14 2015
How to Stage a Rebellion
If you’ve ever protested against power, this class is for you. Centuries ago, Moses was accused of nepotism and corruption. His response still rings true today. A refreshing look at what makes true leadership will reshape our view of our presidents and prime ministers.
Class 11 Sunday, June 21 2015
What Happened When Moses Hit the Rock
When Moses hit a rock with a stick, he was punished by having his dreams destroyed. Why? This exploration of Jewish justice soon leads into unexpected corners. We discover the one thing that G‑d will never, ever tolerate—not even from Moses.
Class 11 Sunday, June 28 2015
The Wisdom of Balaam’s Donkey
This class is about happiness: not how to find it, but what it does for us. Life is filled with tasks that must get done. How we do them—passionately or begrudgingly—makes a world of difference. In fact, it is the secret to Jewish survival.

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