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From Sara's Desk :)

Red Light, Green Light, 1,2,3.

Remember that childhood favorite? All lined up in a row and dashing down the hall really fast before the counter would turn around? And we thought we graduated that phase.

But, reality is - We’re still playing it...we’re running, we’re zipping, we’re dashing - even before we complete one thing - we are on to the next. We meet a person and ask them a question, before they turn around to answer us - we’re off. But we're totally excused - We’re busy. We have a life. We have so many things to take care of. Or so we justify quietly to ourselves...

I was stopped at a red light the other day and I thought to myself, “Had the light not turned red, I would have never considered the notion of stopping. I would keep going - "full steam ahead.”

G-d puts everything in this world for a reason though. Red lights too. And not just red lights, but yellow and green. All there to teach us something very powerful.

In life, we must balance ourselves out. Not too fast, not too slow - but just right. Sometimes, we need to stop short in our tracks and grab hold of our thoughts; are we where we want to be. Are we giving love, time and patience to those we love most. Are we giving our children all we can. Are we listening with our full attention when others speak. Are we devoting our time to the right causes. Are we striking a balance between our work life and home life. Are we making sure we are energized and smiling to those around us.

We need “red light” moments throughout our day - to keep us in line. Sometimes, like in the game, stopping short in our tracks, is the right move to make.

Who is truly busy? Who really has a life? Who really has so many things to take care of? The ones that make time in life for the “red lights” The ones that take a moment amidst their busyness to notice the people around them, to pay attention to their surrondings. To stop and care to hear what the other has to say. To stop and take interest in what the other went through. To carve out time to pause, connect and live. Everyone can be busy with external matters - but to be busy with internal matters in addition - thats busyness that will take us to the next level. So next time you see someone “stopped” - notice, they may not be stopped just because they have no life. They just might be taking in the moments - and appreciating all they have.




We landed. First time back. This time on a regular plane, yet a “pop-up” airport.

Destruction, devestation and mounds of ruin - are still in sight. The hurricane is no secret.

But, people move on with resilience and strength. Almost as if they pushed aside the piles and made a path right through for themselves. Among the broken homes, stands a proud functioning storefront. Amidst piles of roofs, broken doors and furniture, stands a bulldozer - plowing the ground and leveling the soil - preparing it for future use. Cars and trucks zip by monstrous boats, misplaced at the curbside, awaiting their turn to be pulled in. Life continues. People have gotten their businesses back in working order, they have pieced their homes back together and fixed their vehicles into a functioning state again. And yet, all around - tower empty hotels, overturned cars and airplanes, boarded up windows, and blown out homes.

In life, not always can we get rid of the negative thoughts, memories, people, or habits that hold us back from moving forward. Sometimes, we have to simply push it all aside and MOVE, paying no attention to the obstacles that stand in our path.  When things are difficult and it seems nearly impossible to cope, we need to remember to keep focused, look ahead and make baby steps in the right direction - towards a more positive, brighter and better future. Yes, there will always be the reminder right near us, that will try and pull us back and keep things stagnant. But, if we can keep our heads held high and aim for the top we will reach our goals and dreams. And the other "stuff" that was once in our way will become a part of our success.

With resilience, strength and positivity we will succeed in brightening up the darkest moments, and we will bring hope to bleakest of situations.



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